Knightsbridge is the second residential tower to rise in Century City, an exclusive enclave of luxury skyscrapers in Makati, Philippines.
Surrounded by some of the most incredible structures and enterprises in the country, including the Gramercy Residences, Milano Residences interior design by Versace Home, Trump Tower, Century Spire architecture by Studio Daniel Libeskind and interior design by Armani/Casa, and the world-class retail complex Century City Mall, Knightsbridge stands in exceptional company.
The Philippine`s unprecedented economic growth and recent upgrades in international credit ratings has made it the investment darling of Asia.
Knightsbridge is one of many new projects buoyed by this economic progress and symbolizes a grand new era of architecture and lifestyle for the global Filipino.


Suitably wide and expansive, the lobby is a lavish affair, welcoming visitors and drawing them in with its London-inspired, fully-attended designer interior, high ceiling, bold colors, and chic furniture. White-gloved doormen and a concierge service anchor this central amenity.


The main Knightsbridge pool features a startling recreation of the Knightsbridge crown logo made out of BISAZZA`s special white gold tiles that glint majestically underneath the water. There`s also a wading area, kiddie pool, and whirlpool tub with lounge and tanning beds that spread across the expansive sun-kissed deck.
The Knightsbridge Residences is also the first in the Philippines to use the exclusive BISAZZA Glass Mosaic in 24K white gold leaf for the crown design of its swimming pool*.


With interiors inspired by Wimbledon, the Knightsbridge Residences boasts a highly-appointed, full-service fitness center complete with a yoga & dance studio, weight training and cardiovascular exercise facilities and on-site personal training services. Residents can exercise and work out to their heart`s content. Male and female gym users can change and freshen up in separate locker rooms for better privacy. Locker rooms are also replete with spacious whirlpool, sauna and steam rooms for total mind and body relaxation. The gym`s reception will also be serving drinks and simple snacks for a reasonable price.


Children will have a blast at the Children`s Playroom, a colorful and exciting space filled with toys, books, and children`s activities. Parents and guardians may bring their children and feel at ease knowing that there`s plenty to keep their kids happily entertained!


Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation experience at the Knightsbridge Spa. Available for both walk-in appointments and reservations, the spa is a serene space designed to soothe residents with a whirlpool tub, exfoliation treatments, aromatherapy, body massage and a number of other restful activities.


With a delicatessen and cafe, residents can enjoy a fabulous casual dining experience. Private dining rooms for entertaining guests are also available for daily walk-ins and reservations.


Literacy is one of the greatest legacies of the British Empire. The Knightsbridge Residences upholds the ideal of reading and learning by providing a quiet library/mini-business center for people to gather, exchange ideas, or simply spend time alone with a good book.


Tweens and young adults are sure to regularly converge in this gaming suite populated by flat-screen TVs, video game consoles, and funky furniture - a modern, private and comfortable gaming arcade for the young and young-at-heart!


Enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Euro-flick, or rom-com classic in The Movie Room - Knightsbridge`s cozy and stylish theater. Perfect for date nights, family gatherings, or some good old "me time"!


For those who like to get busy playing, the Rec Room offers a wonderful choice of activities to keep residents engaged. A sprawling family room with its modern take on old-world interior design, the Rec Room also contains comfortable seats and recreational equipment for billiards, board games and card games.


With a building this tall and overlooking a city this wide, Knightsbridge naturally has an Observatory - a sky-high amenity that offers visitors an extensive view of Makati, Mandaluyong, and the rest of Metro Manila. Residents and select visitors can relax at the bar and enjoy night and day views exclusive to the Knightsbridge Residences. This one-of-a-kind amenity may also accommodate reservations for meetings and special events.


When you emerge onto the Knightsbridge Roof Deck, you`ll be struck by one of the most magnificent views in the entire country - a sovereign 360-degree panorama of the neighboring cities and regions beyond. Luxuriate in this astounding rooftop experience with our garden and wooden deck, chairs, tables, plants, and dedicated smoking area - a worthy top-most amenity for the ultimate open air experience. The Roof Deck may be accessed and reserved for functions and special events. Please approach your Concierge for details.